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“The Butterfly Effect”: Literary Sofa feature with David Rain

"Some stories ... refuse to fade away"

Book website The Literary Sofa features an article by David about the writing of The Heat of the Sun with an excellent accompanying review. Here’s how it begins: “Some stories have such a strong hold on the popular imagination that they refuse to fade away. The desire to reconnect with the familiar in a new way has a history of crossing different media: the written word, opera, drama, the movies. Sometimes it’s the original storyline relocated in time or place, sometimes a sequel or ‘prequel’ and the range is huge, from fairytales to Shakespeare and Jane Austen to Star Wars. It sounds like a challenge for any writer and I’m delighted that David Rain, debut author of Madame Butterfly sequel The Heat of the Sun joins me today to share his experience …”

Read the full version at The Literary Sofa.