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“One of the best recent historical novels”

Today a very positive review of The Heat of the Sun appeared on book discussion site, which calls the novel “One of the best recent historical novels … It is a book that can be enjoyed by everyone, including people who have never heard about Madame Butterfly. “The Heat of the Sun” is bravely…
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“Ya got Trouble”: fabulous piece about The Heat of the Sun in Opera News

The April 2013 issue of US magazine Opera News contains a fabulous piece about The Heat of the Sun. Key quote: “It’s a wildly audacious and compellingly written book … Reading The Heat of the Sun is like watching an author keep daring himself to take higher and higher hurdles and clearing them every time; he…
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BrodartVibe on The Heat of the Sun

“I found myself so moved that I consider The Heat of the Sun a truly inventive tour de force … The final dénouement was a crescendo of great emotion, inevitable tragedy, pathos, and some degree of redemption. And is that not what great operatic drama is all about? BRAVO, David Rain!” Read the full review…
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Irish Examiner reviews The Heat of the Sun

“This absorbing novel, told in episodic set pieces, takes the reader through the war and beyond it. … [Rain’s] depiction of the US and Americans feels utterly authentic. His characters are memorable; even those with a walk-on part. … This book captures the gaiety and tumult of a troubled age. But it is ultimately a…
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