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The Mysterious Cave

Here I am in the town where I was born, looking down into a mysterious cave. Those who have read my novel Volcano Street may detect some resonance here. The picture is, or could be, a metaphor. Life presents us with a mysterious cave; we might ignore it, but still the cave is there. This…
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The Seven Writing Myths

This is a (slightly rewritten) version of a paper delivered by David Rain at the Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference, Imperial College, London, on Saturday 29 June 2013.   The prolific English novelist, playwright and essayist J. B. Priestley published an excellent book about his literary career called Margin Released: A Writer’s Reminiscences and…
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The Three Distances

I can’t remember when I first heard of the “Three Distances,” but I’ve been fascinated by the idea for many years. It’s a concept about how novels work – or, perhaps, should work – and strikes me as true. It explains why some novels seems trivial and others profound. It shows that the novel, as…
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