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Pages Left Unfilled

Do you keep a list of the books you read – a “reading log”? The world, no doubt, is divided between those who think this is a wonderful thing to do, and those who not only couldn’t be bothered but find the very idea ridiculous, boring, pathetic and all sorts of other unkind things. Not…
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The Heat of the Sun a “Fiction Top Pick” for December

US magazine Bookpage has made The Heat of the Sun a “Fiction Top Pick” for December 2012. In its review, Bookpage calls The Heat of the Sun “an explosive story of friendship” and “a sensitive, intelligent snapshot of a watershed moment in our country’s history.” The review continues: “Rain’s worthy novel is a touching, often…
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Washington Post reviews The Heat of the Sun

A curious review of The Heat of the Sun in the Washington Post for December 4, 2012, which calls the novel “operatic” but seems equivocal about what to make of that. Reviewer Wendy Smith complains about “over-the-top plot twists” and “melodrama” but also says that “Rain is a talented writer, and ‘The Heat of the Sun’ is…
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The Kid in Texas

It’s official. As of today, The Heat of the Sun is available in its UK edition, from all the usual places. I’m glad. But not, it must be admitted, as glad as you probably think. People imagine publication day must be exciting for authors. This isn’t quite true. You wake up to a day like…
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