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New David Rain novel announced

VOLCANO STREET is out in December 2014

David Rain’s new novel VOLCANO STREET will be published in the UK by Atlantic Books in December 2014. Here’s what the book jacket will look like, and here’s what it will say on the jacket …


Marlo said suddenly, ‘I don’t like it here.’ Something in her voice was wild, almost pleading, and Skip turned to her sharply. Marlo looked helpless, lost, and with an aching heart Skip vowed that somehow, in some way, she would make things better for them both…

After their mother is sectioned, Skip and Marlo Wells are farmed out to relatives in a backwater town called Crater Lakes. Sixteen-year-old Marlo spends her days working in the family hardware store, while twelve-year-old Skip spends hers avoiding their overbearing aunt and fighting at the local school. Both sisters dream daily of escape, but first impressions can be deceiving. When they meet their new neighbours, Skip’s classmate Honza and his older brother Pavel, they begin to see a different side to the town. As the hot Australian days roll by, the Wells sisters begin to settle into Crater Lakes, where they discover that prejudice and violence run deep, but belonging and family run deeper.


That’s what it says on the jacket — but for a few more details, here’s another description of the book you’ll find circulating on various Internet sites:


“What would Germaine do?” This is the mantra that Skip and Marlo Wells turn to as they navigate their way through the twists and turns that life brings. Such as the sectioning of their mother Karen Jane. Marlo puts her faith in her hero, Germaine Greer, and twelve-year-old Skip trusts her clever big sister to know the right thing to do. But when the sisters are forced to move to their Auntie Noreen and Uncle Doug’s home in the backwater city of Crater Lakes even Marlo can’t think of a solution. At age sixteen, Marlo is forced to quit school and work in the family hardware store. Skip manages to get on her auntie’s bad side from the get-go and is an outcast at school as she vehemently declares the injustice of the Vietnam War – not what Noreen wants to hear with her precious son Barry off fighting.

Skip and Marlo dream of escape from Crater Lakes but with Karen Jane’s release nowhere on the horizon they resign themselves to their new life. Before long they make the acquaintance of the Novak brothers – Skip’s classmate Honza and his eternally cheerful older brother Pavel. Marlo becomes entangled with the local drama teacher, leaving Skip to explore the town’s haunts with Honza. Skip learns about the mysterious Dansie residence, a secluded house that once belonged to Roger Dansie – an actor and the closest thing to a local hero that Crater Lakes ever had. As the days roll on the Wells sisters are drawn ever deeper in to the lives of their new acquaintances, learning that their first impressions of Crater Lakes may not be as accurate as they believed. Against the backdrop of a broken home, the fight for equality and a far-off war, Volcano Street is a heartfelt tale of acceptance and belonging, and learning what family truly means.