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Kirkus Reviews on The Heat of the Sun

"A remarkable debut ..."

“A remarkable debut that reinvents, elaborates and extends into the late 20th century the story Puccini made famous in Madama Butterfly.

“Woodley Sharpless—orphan, cripple, closeted homosexual—is a noted biographer. He guides us through the life story of Ben “Trouble” Pinkerton. Trouble is the apt name for a man who makes a scene on the periphery of history. Trouble is the only son of the Pinkertons. Sen. Pinkerton could have been president. Kate, his wife, is a Manville, daughter of a dynastic political family. This is Sharpless’ story as well. Trouble’s parents, well meaning, controlling and weary of publicity, enlist Sharpless as a minder for their wayward son. We think we know Trouble, the man who has everything, who refuses to grow up, who lives a life without consequences but is nonetheless given opportunities.”

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