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Hermes of the Ways

David Rain on why he loves typewriters

The Classic Typewriter Page is a brilliant website exploring pretty much everything you could want to know about typewriters. Among its many features is a series of essays in which contemporary writers explain why they still love – and use – these great machines. David now has an essay there, titled “Hermes of the Ways,” after his favourite typewriter:

“Hermes, or Hermes of the Ways, is the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology, and protector of travellers and thieves. Hermes is also, among other things, a classic brand of Swiss-made typewriter, once very popular in America. Mine, beautifully reconditioned and very much in working order, is a Hermes 3000, 1958 model. This classic machine came briefly back into prominence when Larry McMurtry thanked his Hermes 3000 during his acceptance speech for Best Adapted Screenplay – for Brokeback Mountain – at the 2006 Golden Globes; for a time, the second-hand market in these machines was busy. I found mine two years later …”

Read the full essay at The Classic Typewriter Page.