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Great new interview …

Plus more new (and good) reviews of David's books

Book Stop Corner is a brilliant Indian site where Aditi Saha shares her opinions of books she’s read and interviews authors as well. She’s just posted an excellent interview with David where he talks about his writing. Here’s just one quotation, where David talks about how he became an author:

“I remember exactly the moment when I decided to be an author. I was seven years old, nearly eight. In the afternoon recess time at primary school, somebody told me about a kid in another class who had written a story, not because the teacher expected it but just because he wanted to. Later, he read it out to the class and, as a result, become something of a star. Well, as it happened my mother had bought a new blank book that day for me to draw in (I used to draw a lot). When I got home, there was the blank book on a table in the living room. I started work straight away. I wish I still had that book now! I made up a science fiction story called Moon Escape which filled the whole of that 64-page book.”

You can read the whole interview here.

Read Aditi’s reviews of David’s novels here and here.