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David Rain: Atlantic Books Featured Author

"The question gripped me. This novel ... is my answer"

David has appeared as a featured author on the website of Atlantic Books. Below is an extract from the Q&A with David and you can click through to Atlantic Books to see the full interview, a complete bio and a a ten-minute video interview with David (also published here in March).

Writing Heat of the Sun – a Q&A with David Rain

Where does The Heat of the Sun come from?

It’s a sequel, of sorts, to Madame Butterfly. Madame Butterfly first stirred into life as a short story by American writer John Luther Long, published in 1898. Within a few years it had become a successful stage play, before achieving its ultimate form in Puccini’s opera. Like Robinson Crusoe, Frankenstein or The Wizard of Oz, Madame Butterfly is one of those few examples of a modern – as opposed to classical, medieval, or folkloric – story, created by a known author, which has taken on the status of myth.

When did you first come to know the story? 

I can’t remember: I seem to have known it all my life; but it was about ten years ago, at a production by the English National Opera in London, that I first truly appreciated its power. Later, I saw it at the Prague State Opera. Afterwards, my partner speculated about the future life of ‘Trouble’––the blond, half-Japanese child who, at the end of the opera, is about to be taken back to America by Lieutenant Pinkerton and his new wife, Kate: ‘What happened to that boy?’ The question gripped me. This novel, The Heat of the Sun, is my answer.

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