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The Heat of the Sun

The Butterfly Effect

Three answers to the question: "What happened to that boy?"

It was the best idea I’d ever had. Filing out of the Prague State Opera, my partner asked me suddenly: “What happened to that boy?” The boy was “Trouble,” Madame Butterfly’s son, played in most productions by a blond, Western child. In the port of Nagasaki, Trouble’s mother, a geisha, had for one ecstatic season…
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UK paperback and unabridged audio editions of The Heat of the Sun

New formats now available

You can now download the unabridged audio edition of The Heat of the Sun, read beautifully by William Hope, available now from Watch out for Atlantic’s paperback edition of The Heat of the Sun this April in the UK.

The Heat of the Sun: Ten Quotations

Entries from my notebooks

In writing The Heat of the Sun I kept extensive notebooks. Often I wrote lines or quotations which seemed to me to capture the essence of the book, or, at least, the qualities with which I wished to imbue it. Here are ten quotations I took down. Sometimes I intended to include them in the…
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Oppenheimer’s Deadly Toy

If it can be done, it will be done ...

“How can I save my little boy / From Oppenheimer’s deadly toy?” sang Sting, in a perhaps regrettable moment. Before writing The Heat of the Sun, I knew little about J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967), known to history as the “father” of the atomic bomb. When the needs of the story took my characters to Los…
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The Heat of the Sun: The Music

Listen on Spotify to the music from the book

There are many references to music in The Heat of the Sun, and we’ve put together a playlist on Spotify so you can listen to it yourself. We couldn’t find it all. Some of the music is imaginary, notably Puccini’s Tartarin, the opera based on Alphonse Daudet’s 1872 novel Tartarin de Tarascon, a project the…
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