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“An exquisite coming of age story”

Great review of Volcano Street at Australia's The Hoopla

“David Rain has written an exquisite coming of age story. Skip’s voice, as the narrator, is vibrant, innocent and all-knowing simultaneously … The realisation that a small country town existence is no excuse not to dream of a different future, that like Pavel, one can love where one grew up without feeling constrained to stay there or, like Marlo, allowing oneself to grow and blossom in a global microcosm, is at once a celebration of the best of this insular childhood and a reminder that sometimes to be who we truly want to be we must break free. Volcano Street is a novel that reminds readers from where contemporary Australia sprang. It resonates with the feel of the British Empire whilst embracing new voices and the changes they bring. In some ways, one senses it is a love song to Rain’s own childhood, only able to be told now via the distance of time and geography, making Volcano Street a quintessential Australian novel.”


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