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“A wonderful, multi-layered story …”

Another good Australian review

From the Adelaide Advertiser, Saturday 7 February, 2015. We don’t have a computerised link for this, but here’s what it said about Volcano Street, which it rated at four stars




David Rain Allen & Unwin $27.99

Skip and Marlo Wells dream of escaping dreary old Adelaide, buoyed by their mother’s fantasies of San Fran. Be careful what you wish for. An overdose sees loose-moralled mum committed and the girls on the bus to Crater Lakes — an even smaller, duller place — and the overwhelming bosom of viperish Auntie Noreen.

David Rain’s second novel is a wonderful, multi-layered story teeming with bogans, bullies, illicit sex and careless drinking in the stifling closeness of a 1970s country town.

As Marlo falls in love and Skip tries to survive high school, they slowly acclimatise, finding a home among the social outcasts.